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For ALL your
business graphics

design needs!

Specialising in:

  • WebPages
  • PHP MySQL (scroll down for benefits)
  • WebSite Maintenance
  • Business Logos
  • Business cards
  • Letterhead
  • Fliers - Mailers
  • Sign Design
  • Marketing Consulting


We deseigned and Developed these sites on a MySQL database with a custom Content Management System (CMS) specific to each site's needs:
(Some are built on Wordpress

Making your business Alive on the Internet!
From standard designs to advanced image layouts
All fast loading!
What PHP/MySQL can mean for your website:
  • UpDATE CONTENT - You can have the easy ability to update parts of your website without having to have any expensive software, or having to know how to edit sites (you could have this ability from a web browser anywhere in the world).
    You can even have a catalog online or a calendar you can update.
  • LESS SPAM - Give your potential and current customers a way to email you from your website without making your email address open and visible for SPAM harvesters to capture.
  • SECURE CUSTOMER INFO - Allow customers to provide personal information without the risks of insecure/unencrypted plain-text emails.
  • DYNAMIC ELEMENTS - Items such as calendars and inventory and newsletters can be displayed & updated with applicable content.

We also provide training/tutoring on PC software and the Internet in general
for your personal knowledge or Business productivity.
Please read this statement before contacting us for a
new WebSite design, update, optimization
(Nobody else will tell you the truth, like this)
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This is the best value for website hosting,
with excellent support services, too!
- Bill

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